Spirit & Haven is a design studio that was founded with the desire to create an enthusiastic and safe space where dreams can flourish. Where women are heard and championed. Where ideas are encouraged and nurtured. Girl power is the name of the game. Let’s create together.


Create. Encourage. Empower. 

I'm Kelly Ann, a graphic designer from California. I design brands, websites, blogs, and ebooks for spirited and rad women who run small businesses (and/or the world).

I want to help women understand that their voices, their blogs, their brands and businesses, whatever it is they write, do, create, and put out into the world has value and worth. I want them to feel like someone is in their corner, doing a happy dance and cheering their name. I want them to feel powerful, strong, capable, and talented - because they are. And the way I know how to do these things, is by helping women design their dreams, their businesses, their stories, whatever they're stoked about - I want to be a part of that.

I don't want you to stress about the visuals. Or how you'll translate your ideas/goals/visions into a beautiful brand or digital space. I've got those things covered.

Let's collaborate.




  • You're a multi-passionate, badass woman with some sort of online brand, business, or presence.
  • You have a vision, an idea, a dream, a story, and want to release it into the world - but the graphic design side of things totally overwhelms you.
  • You're ready to dive in, hand off your project to someone who gets it, and watch it come to life - no worries. 
  • You need someone to come along side you, grab your hand, and say, "Let's do this together. I'm with you all the way!" 
  • You want a design that screams you, grabs people's attention, and helps you attract the audience you want.
  • You're a believer in girl power.

Dream Team. You & Me. Let's Do This.


Surf Squad

Brand & Website Design

Nickel & Suede

Brand & Website Design


"I can't help but owe it all to the FREAKIN BOMB.COM Kelly Ann. She designed my old blog and I just couldn't imagine having someone else design this space. She is SO awesome to work with and she is insanely talented. I pretty much adore this woman with all my heart. If you're looking for a new design, check her out. I promise you won't regret it."

- Shalyn Nelson



Brand & Website/Blog Design 
Ebook Design
Record/Album Design

and more!


the blog

Design. Music. Feminism. Pretty photographs. Late night ramblings.


kelly ann; Creative. Cancer survivor. californian. 


" has opened up a side of my creativity that is so exciting - the possibilities are endless - and I want to see where it all takes me."


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