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Spirit & Haven is a design studio that was founded with the desire to create an enthusiastic and safe space where dreams can flourish. Where women are heard and championed. Woman power is the name of the game.

Let’s create together. 



I design brands, eBooks, and digital goods for spirited women who run small businesses (and/or the world).

Your voice, brand, business, offering, vision - whatever you do, write, create, and put out into the world has value and worth. It's multi-faceted, full of heart and meaning, and it deserves a visual identity that brings all of that to life. You probably have ideas and inspiration for your project, but how do you blend it all together to create something that feels like you? That's where I come in. 

The design process shouldn't be stressful, or complicated, or leave you feeling like you weren't heard or understood. It should be invigorating, empowering, and the end result should be something that you love. I know how to take inspiration, content, and bits & pieces of who you are and what makes this project special, and create something that catches the eye of your dream audience. 

I don't want you to stress about the visuals. Or how you'll translate your ideas/goals/visions into a beautiful brand. I've got those things covered, so you can get back to doing what gets you stoked, fully knowing that you're in good hands.

In whatever capacity I work with you, your project matters. I know that handing over something you’ve worked hard on is a big deal, a big step forward, and it can be overwhelming, especially something so personal. I don’t take this lightly. I respect you, I respect your story, and I promise to honor it as I design a space for it to shine. And if you decide to work with me, I hope what I design for you, will feel like home.

Let's collaborate. 


We'd make a great team if:


...You're a multi-passionate, badass woman with some sort of online brand, business, or presence.

...You have a vision, an idea, a dream, and want to release it into the world - but the graphic design side of things totally overwhelms you.

...You're ready to dive in, hand off your project to someone who gets it, and watch it come to life - no worries. 

...You need someone to come along side you, grab your hand, and say, "Let's do this together. I'm with you all the way." 

...You want a design that screams you, grabs people's attention, and helps you attract the audience you want.

...You believe in the power of women.


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Creative babe. Cancer survivor. Californian. 

"...design has opened up a side of my creativity that is so exciting - the possibilities are endless - and I want to see where it all takes me."

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