Brand design


This project is a dream come true in so many ways. Working with Ashly Wolf has been a divinely creative and empowering experience. Women collaborating with women - there are fewer things more breathtaking. A little bit about Mama Wolf: Ashly is a fierce defender of the feminine, a warrior for women and their healing, a yogi, coach, nutritionist. She created Femme Rising "...specifically as a resource to guide you back to yourself.  To all the parts of yourself..." Femme Rising is for women who are ready to awaken.

Ashly came into this design experience knowing what she wanted, but she also created this space that cultivated creative freedom and expression. She laid out what she wanted and needed, and I created the world, incorporating her desires and inspiration into something cohesive, while also infusing new ideas. We're a match made in heaven.

What we knew had to happen: brand marks/logos should be structured and simple in metallic shades, mixed with cohesive images, cosmic elements, handwritten pieces, and saturated colors. The clean brand marks, paired with more explosive imagery, creates a really eye-catching, memorable identity for Femme Rising.

I also helped Ashly customize her Squarespace site into a really gorgeous online home, and we've been really pleased with so much positivity surrounding the launch!

"Have received really overwhelming and beautiful feedback about the site ... People are blown away ... **Thank you** for helping me bring this vision to life. " - Ashly.

Ashly's new e-course, Shakti Body, was released in the Fall of 2016.




I'M SO GRATEFUL that you make everything so gorgeously and that it has made this vision come to life with so much ease and beauty.  Thank you thank you thank you!"

- Ashly Wolf, Founder of Femme Rising


Shakti body

Ecourse design

ECourse Materials

For Shakti Body, we created a variety of materials, including: a calendar, to track your cycle and write down your reflections during each phase; a food guide, with information on different food plans, body types, as well as a food journal; and the Womanual, which served as the main curriculum. The Womanual goes deep into each menstrual phase to help guide, educate, and empower. 


To help promote the upcoming Shakti Body course, we created two separate Instagram campaigns called #HELLYESLIFE, with a different topic/mantra every day for a week. Each week ended with a free call with Ashly. 

Shakti Body manual