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The Winter Phoenix is a textile and weaving shop by Andrea Carpenter. Working with Andrea has been amazing - she has a very distinct style and collaborating on her brand design was a really beautiful process. We created a visual identity that is moody, magical, and a little cosmic - with gold and deep blue tones to add drama. We also incorporated a main logo that resembled a wall weaving, in a way that isn't cheesy or forced. Inspiration included the night sky/space, Alexander McQueen, classic literature and poetry (like Edgar Allan Poe), nature and the elements, certain textures and fibers, and even certain tv shows like Penny Dreadful.

I also took inspiration from music, including Brooke Fraser's Brutal Romantic album, Joy Williams, and cinematic soundtracks (you can listen to my project playlist below). What we created is stunning, dark, and mysterious. IN LOVE.

Her website and shop are simple, spacious, with beautiful imagery and pops of gold.

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"Kelly Ann is a rare gem. Her strong instinct, killer aesthetic, and generous, kind soul make her an absolute dream to work with. It was such a joyous experience being a part of her team and the end result was way beyond what I had hoped for or expected. Not to mention, it was, hands down, one of the most incredible and valuable creative experiences of my life. She consistently blew me out of the water and was constantly impressing the hell out of me. I can’t imagine asking anyone else to design my brand and I am beyond ecstatic with what she created. Every time I hand out my business card or show someone my website they inevitably gush over how stunning the website is, and rightfully so! She is an artist. I will always be grateful for the treasures that she gave me throughout our time working together. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it a million more: Kelly Ann is THE BEST."